Change is inevitable

 So, I am planning on getting away from Facebook for numerous reasons. One of them being, I don't like who I am when I get sucked in and I feel like my life is sucked away, and I feel like having a blog and documenting my life is going to be way more productive and beneficial in the long run. It is my goal to keep this updated.

As I look at these pictures I am whisked away to a time that was so different than they are now. Life was a bit different. Better in some ways but not in others. I am glad of what I have learned then, to be who I am today. These pictures were taken in 2013. Asher wasn't even a thought yet, and who knows if we will bring other souls into our family. Since that time Chris bought the ChemDry franchise here in Yuma, We have moved so many times I have lost count, we have gone through trial after trial, getting pregnant, divorce, more trials and heartache, having Asher (while being divorced), forgiveness and reconciliation and getting remarried, and more trials. The kids are getting older, more fun and more responsible. I love the people they are becoming and feel so grateful for having them in my life. I am also grateful that Chris and I get a second chance. I know that change is possible if we allow that change to happen in a positive way. I know that our marriage will not  be perfect and that we will continue to have struggles, but i know that as we work on being humble and submissive to the Lord he can and will heal anything we allow him to. I don't like trials, but they are necessary for our learning and growth. I have learned a ton through the trials I have gone through. Change is inevitable. We can choose good change or change that we won't like.

On a positive note though, I do love my life. It is not easy still, but it is blessed. I have many blessings in my life. I have a husband who is trying to do what is right and overcome his challenges, I have amazing children who love unconditionally and who bless my life. I have many blessings like material things, an amazing calling, amazing friends and much more.

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