Happy 33rd Birthday to ME!

This is my new haircut by the way
So, I just had a birthday. I am now 33. I was very spoiled on my birthday. On Friday after Chris got done with work we picked up our rental car, went to Las Herraduras and had lunch then went to California. We checked into our hotel and hung out for a while then went to Souplantation to eat dinner. It was really heavenly
. The next day Chris dropped me off at the San Diego temple and I did a session there. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong I was trying not to ball. I didn't have a Kleenex either which was a bummer. I sat in the Celestial room for a bit and meditated which was amazing. I love that temple.
 after I left we went to the garment store and I got some maternity garments which make a huge difference. We went to the church building there and met some ward members to eat lunch that was provided and then we went to Deseret Book and got the kids a picture Book of Mormon to read to them. Emma also got a set of scriptures to take to church. I just need to make a scripture case for her to carry them in. Everett got a CTR ring that was super cheap. He loves it. It has a car on it. Emma got a CTR bracelet.
 I want to get a CTR ring for myself. When I was in the temple I was contemplating the meaning of what we promise while we are there. There is a lot that we covenant to do. I was thinking of CTR and came up with my own meaning. It is "Commit to Righteousness." I am going to commit myself everyday to live a righteous life and to make the necessary changes so I can be worthy of the blessings promised to me in the temple.
After the bookstore we went to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) beach. We saw some Pelicans, seagulls, and Sea Lions. It was a lot of fun. we collected sea shells as always and put our feet in the ocean. It felt really nice.After the beach we went back to Souplantation and ate dinner. Yum!!!
Chris was super excited about my birthday. He always asks if he can give me my gifts at least a week before my birthday. So he did. I really wanted the books shown in the picture and he surprised me with a Note and it has a pink cover because he knows I love pink. I love it. It is so much better reading from that then my phone. My eyes feel strained after a while. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and best friend. I love Chris dearly. He definitely spoils me.

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